Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fionn ShiQi Portraiture Compilation

Thank you for @Burnett Ng invitation, i have a chance to meet up with @Model Fionn ShiQi.

The traffic is awfully in the morning, a lot of hardworking employers had already driving to industrial area at 7:00am. Unfortunately, we stuck at Old Klang Road for quite a long time. *It rained*.

Nonetheless, it stopped when we reached and we started our shooting at 9am in the morning.

She is active, as in she enjoyed the shooting session, meanwhile, indulged to both the weather and atmosphere.

Not to forget, her course is related to photography too. She did asked some camera gears during the progress too.

Some close up shooting.

.Cute - Gorgeous - Emo.

We had our lunch at Spanish Culture Village, probably, we ate something similar as Nando. After that, we head to Japanese Culture Village. We forced to walk the cliff because the main road is not longer accessible for vehicle.

This is my favourite photo of the day.

When we get around, she played, and i got this "miao" pose. :D

Attempting some not-happy-pose

Fionn ShiQi looks like a housewife who waiting for the return of husband.

Some says, this look scary. But, i love this. :D

The shooting end at 1:30pm

The time i reach Cyberjaya, it is already 3:30pm.


Hope you all enjoy the pictures. *I have a bad writing skill*